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ANTEC (Annual Technical Conference), backed through Society of Plastics Engineers, celebrates its 63rd 12 months of excellence in Boston. because the greatest peer-reviewed technical convention to serve the plastics undefined, ANTEC is completely located to assist the plastics professional in achieving new degrees and private improvement.
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Blow Molding - 30 Extrusion - 22 Injection Molding - 23 mould Making and mildew layout - 35 Rotational Molding - forty two SIG012 - becoming a member of of Plastics and Composites SIG013 - utilized Rheology Thermoforming - 25 Thermoset - 28 Thermoplastic fabrics and Foams - 29

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The lower average strain at yield values observed for polypropylene are probably due to the higher melting temperature range of the polypropylene (165-177ºC) versus that of polyethylene (110-137ºC) [6]. Ultrasonically-assisted injection molding processes were shown to significantly improve bonding for both low processing temperatures and between dissimilar materials. It is apparent from the tensile results (Figures 3-4 and Figures 6-7) that ultrasonic energy, applied at the interface between two different resins, improves the amalgamation between the resins.

The boundary between resins is more diffuse than in the S/PE sample of Figure 8a. This is probably due to the fact that PP and S are more compatible than PE/S. It is evident from the picture that there is much more interphase mixing in this sample compared to the PE/S sample. Small islands of S are visible in the bulk PP phase (see arrows), and PP islands are present in the S phase. 004”) into the PP phase, less than that (~300 μm) observed for the S/PE specimen. This is most likely due to the relatively higher melting temperature and melt viscosity of the PP resin.

McCauley, E. R. E. H. White, SPE Journal, Nov. R. D. “Comprehensive Evaluation of PP melt rheology”, 2nd world conference on Chemical Engineering, Montreal, Canada, October 1981 B. Hagerman and P. C. Spence Tameka, “Rheological Studies of Commercial Thermoforming Materials”, ANTEC 1988 A. Dharia, US patent application 10/920, 127 15 10 5 0 50 70 90 110 130 Forming distance, mm Figure-2 Forming force vs. 00 120 145 170 T (C) Figure-6 Tensile yield stress vs. Temperature 1219 / ANTEC 2005 COMPARISON OF DEVOLATILIZATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR VISCOUS POLYMERS Dr.

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