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By Siceloff L.P., Wentworth G., Smith D.E.

ISBN-10: 1418182036

ISBN-13: 9781418182038

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Assume that Y satisfies MS and L. Suppose p∗ ω is Lyapunov for Y where p : W → M denotes the projection. 3, the differential of the Novikov complex C ∗ (Y ; Λp ∗ ω ) gives rise to a homomorphism of Novikov complexes uY : C ∗ (X− ; Λω ) → C ∗ (X+ ; Λω ). 8) is a quasi-isomorphism. Let s± : X± → X˜± be sections and equip C ∗ (X± ; Λω ) with the corresponding base. Assume that (X− , s− ) and (X+ , s+ ) determine the same Euler structure [5, 25]. 9) x∈X− ˜ → C with dhη = π ∗ η. 8) is ±T (uY ) = ± exp(h∗ PX + − h∗ PX − ) ∈ 1 + Λ+ ω.

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Analytical Geometry by Siceloff L.P., Wentworth G., Smith D.E.

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