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This commonplace textual content, now in paperback for the 1st time-- the better half quantity to Foreign Dialects-- American Dialects deals consultant dialects of each significant part of the us. In each one case, a basic description and background of the dialect is given, via an research of vowel and consonant peculiarities, of its person lilt and rhythm, and of its grammar diversifications. There also are lists of the idioms and idiomatic expressions that distinguish every one dialect and routines utilizing them. American Dialects additionally comprises musical inflection charts and diagrams displaying the location of lips, tongue, and breath.

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As in "home:' "rode:' "tone:' etc. It is with the pronunciation of this long "0" (OH) sound that the New England dialect projects one of its most characteristic dialect variants. There has been much controversy regarding its true quality. " The "U" (as in "up") is produced far forward in the mouth and is endowed with a slight ''AW'' flavor. The "uh" is a faint glide and should not be prolonged. 35 The New England Dialect Although this "Uuh" is typical of the New England dialect, it cannot be sounded for all long "0" words.

The Common Speech 13 TAKE PRES: PAST: PART: Take her down easy now. I tuck her down. She was tuck down already. THROW PRES: PAST: PART: Throw it away. I throwed it away. He was throwed for a loss. ") WIN PRES: PAST: PART: Win the game, now! I won it myself. (correct) It was won already. " ) WRITE PRES: PAST: PART: Write me a letter, huh? I rit it myself. We've wrote twice this week. PRONOUN MISUSE The pronoun is generally misused by the average American. " Another popular error, particularly in rural speech, is the use of "hisself;' and "theirselves;' as in, "He wanted it for hisself," and, "They got theirselves to blame:' The speech of the South and Southwest, including the mountain areas, is particularly larded with the use of adverbial pronouns such as "that there;' "this here:' 14 American Dialects "them there;' and so on.

A prosaic remark may be spoken with an air of caution. " It should be noticed that in the New England dialect the choice of words is also indicative of prudence. " Even the simple "hAoodi" (howdy) is uttered with a certain reservation: , bJ_Jb~ "hA di" 00 , 119: or e "hA oodi" Although the Texan may also say "howdy" on two notes, as in the second example above, his range is broader, and he imparts to the word a sincere interest. To the New Englander the word is a stylized form of greeting uttered with the customary mental reservations.

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