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During this, one of many first books to seem in English at the idea of numbers, the eminent mathematician Hermann Weyl explores primary options in mathematics. The ebook starts with the definitions and houses of algebraic fields, that are relied upon all through. the idea of divisibility is then mentioned, from an axiomatic standpoint, instead of via beliefs. There follows an advent to ^Ip^N-adic numbers and their makes use of, that are so very important in sleek quantity conception, and the publication culminates with an in depth exam of algebraic quantity fields. Weyl's personal modest desire, that the paintings "will be of a few use," has greater than been fulfilled, for the book's readability, succinctness, and significance rank it as a masterpiece of mathematical exposition.

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4]). Given D = (D0 , D1 , r) ∈ D, we will write H0 (X, D), or more simply H0 (D), for the 0-th homology of the coefficient system corresponding to D. Explicitly, one has an exact sequence: c-IndG K1 (D1 ⊗ δ−1 ) ∂ / c-IndG K0 D0 / H0 (D) /0 where ∂ is the composition of the following obvious maps: r G G c-IndG K1 (D1 ⊗ δ−1 ) → c-IndIZ D1 −→ c-IndIZ D0 c-IndG KZ D0 . In particular, H0 is a functor from D to RepG . This functor has a section, namely the constant functor K : π → (π|K0 , π|K1 , id). 8.

This implies: HomΓ (σ, W1 ) = HomΓ (σ, (V2 ⊗ det−1 )Fr ⊗ W1 ) = 0 for all i. 2 we have Ext1Γ (σ, W1 ) ∼ = Ext1K (σ, W1 ) and hence K1 acts trivially on W . i CHAPTER 6 Hecke algebra We recall certain results on the representation theory of the Hecke algebra of I1 . We follow (most of) the notations of [25, §2] and don’t assume anything on F . Let H := EndG (c-IndG I1 1). The algebra H has an Fp -basis indexed by the double cosets I1 \G/I1 . We write Tg for the element corresponding to the double × coset I1 gI1 .

Let E be the unique non-split extension of H =1 -modules: / M (1, 1) /E / M (0, 1) / 0, 0 then R1 I(π(1, 1)) ∼ = M (1, 1) ⊕ E. Proof. 15. 7. Note that for F = Qp , d = 1 if p > 2 and d = 2 if p = 2. CHAPTER 8 Extensions of principal series We keep the notations of chapters 6 and 7 and still assume F is a finite extension × of Qp . We fix a smooth character χ : F × → Fp and study groups Ext1G,χ (τ, π) of G-extensions with central character χ. 1. 2). Let τ be a smooth admissible irreducible non-supersingular representation of G over Fp with central character χ with χ as in ( 17).

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