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By K. Kippola

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Exploring the functionality of masculinity off and on the nineteenth-century American degree, this ebook seems on the shift from the passionate muscularity to highbrow restraint as now not a linear trip towards nationwide refinement; but a multitude of masculinities struggling with at the same time for dominance and popularity.

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9 America’s “new man” faced an open horizon of possibilities—an exciting and terrifying freedom—and he would spend the next several decades simultaneously creating and rebelling against parameters of masculine identity. The country, likewise, was torn between the comfortable familiarity and the fixed hierarchical structure of an aristocratic history and the uncharted future of true democracy. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1828: A MASCULINE REVOLUTION The War of 1812 and the “Era of Good Feelings” that followed (roughly between 1815 and 1825) revived the robust patriotism of the Revolution and masked the country’s growing social, political, and sectional divisions.

Calhoun, each of whom passionately (and unsuccessfully) campaigned for president, dominated political oratory between 1812 and 1852. Each provided a persuasive masculine image, which was somewhat limited by perceptions of ambition and calculation, as well as sectional issues and perspectives. Calhoun, who campaigned for president in 1824, served as vice-president in 1824 and 1828, under both Adams and Jackson. Clay, also a nominee in the 1824 election, suffered from the taint of the “corrupt bargain” with Adams and lost to Jackson in 1832 and again to James K.

Such peace as Russia gives to Poland, or death to its victim! . It is to South Carolina a question of self-preservation; and I proclaim it that should this bill pass, and an attempt be made to enforce it, it will be resisted at every hazard—even that of death itself. ” Introducing the idea of a concurrent majority, Calhoun framed the sectional crisis as an issue of a minority (property-owning white Southerners) having the right to coexist independent of a majority’s will. ” Vice President Calhoun responded: “The Union, next to our liberty, the most dear.

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