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The easiest technique for most to remember is to forcefully exhale during the hardest portion of the lift. For example, in the bench press, exhale while pushing the weight off your chest; in the leg press, exhale while pushing the weight forward. Again, it is tempting for many to hold their breath during the most difficult portion, but do not do this! Holding your breath while lifting can increase your blood pressure to dangerously high levels. It can also result in reduced blood flow to the heart or brain.

S. L. Pollock, 1978, “Generalized equations for predicting body density of men,” Br J Nutr 40(3): 497-504. percentage of body fat. In the hands of a well-trained technician, skinfold measurements can be nearly as accurate as hydrostatic weighing. Skinfold measurements are ideal because the cost is low and the space required is minimal. Another common but less accurate method of measuring percentage of body fat is to use commercially available impedance devices. Using the basic principles of electricity, your impedance, or resistance to electrical flow, is estimated and then correlated to the amount of body fat.

Assuming the demand of blood flow to the heart muscle is being adequately supplied and the heart is functioning at maximum efficiency, the blood flow to the rest of the body goes up dramatically. Resting cardiac output, or the amount of blood pumped from the heart in one minute, is normally 5 liters per minute for men and slightly less for women. As exercise intensity increases, cardiac output increases rapidly to meet the body’s demands and levels off as the demand is achieved. If the demand for more oxygenated blood flow increases because the physical task becomes harder, cardiac output again increases and levels off when the demand is met or the individual’s maximum cardiac output, generally 20 to 25 liters per minute, is reached.

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