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Using that rough yard stick, how many 1000-watt instruments can be plugged into a 12-pack of 20-amp dimmers? 12 times 20-amp dimmers equals 240 amps. So, using the 10 amp rule of thumb, the rough answer? 24-1000watt instruments should not overload the dimmer pack. (In reality, 24 × 1000-watt instruments, divided by 110 volts, equals 218 amps. ) Rule of thumb two: How many amps are needed to power 15-1000-watt instruments? Rough answer: 15-1000-watt instruments equals 15 × 10 amps each, or 150 amps.

For scenically painted goods, it’s often a sign of respect to just provide even light and allow the design to speak for itself. Most drops can be lit with some kind of striplight, box cyc light, or multi-circuit sources, which are often placed in any available space on either side of the drop where they might fit in. Striplights are designed to project bands of light, and typically contain multiple circuits. A single instrument automatically provides the ability to mix colors of light onto the goods.

If the goods consist of an opaque painted drop, the entire overhead striplight electric and the striplight groundrow are shifted to the downstage side of the goods, in order to light the face of the drop. Sometimes a short constructed flat, called a scenic groundrow, is placed immediately downstage of a drop to hide the silhouettes of the striplight groundrow and their light leaks. If no adjacent room for striplights exists downstage of a drop, illumination must come from other sources. Generally speaking, the remaining choices are either low, medium, or high.

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