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By Peter Boghossian

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For hundreds of thousands of years, the trustworthy have honed proselytizing recommendations and talked humans into believing the reality of 1 holy publication or one other. certainly, the trustworthy frequently view changing others as a duty in their faith--and are expert from an early age to unfold their specific model of faith. the result's an international damaged largely by way of unquestioned religion. As an urgently wanted counter to this tried-and-true culture of spiritual evangelism, A handbook for developing Atheists bargains the first-ever advisor no longer for speaking humans into faith--but for speaking them out of it. Peter Boghossian attracts at the instruments he has built and used for greater than 20 years as a thinker and educator to educate easy methods to interact the trustworthy in conversations that might aid them worth cause and rationality, forged doubt on their non secular ideals, distrust their religion, abandon superstition and irrationality, and finally include cause.

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Part of the confusion on the part of those who don’t use faith to navigate reality is that they understand that faith is an obviously unreliable process of reasoning. Consequently, they either don’t view faith as an epistemology, or they don’t think others really use it as an epistemology. They view it as something else, something weird, something other, something personal, something malicious, perhaps even something redemptive. But at its root, faith remains an epistemology. It is a process people use to understand, interpret, and know the world.

Thus there is another way to figure out which claims about the world we should accept and which are likely false, though not through reason or evidence. The new principle is based upon the latest revelation. Later suras in the Koran supersede earlier suras. Unfortunately, many of the more militant suras are found later in the Koran. 13. I’ve never understood such claims of the faithful—in this example, Muslims who state that other Muslims do not have the correct interpretation of the Koran. Once one buys into a system of belief without evidence, it’s unclear on what basis one could make the claim that there’s a correct or incorrect interpretation of the Koran.

An exception is the so-called Satanic verses from the Koran. In his early suras, Muhammad made compromises with popular, preexisting goddess worship; later he revoked these verses—calling them Satanic verses—and created a new principle permitting newer revelations to supersede earlier revelations. Thus there is another way to figure out which claims about the world we should accept and which are likely false, though not through reason or evidence. The new principle is based upon the latest revelation.

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