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By Yuri Rytkheu

ISBN-10: 0977857611

ISBN-13: 9780977857616

“Rarely has humanity’s dating to nature been so fantastically and vividly depicted. A Dream in Polar Fog is either stylish and intriguing and in addition serves as a residing anthropology of a long past global. It accomplishes every thing a unique should.”––Neal Pollack

A Dream in Polar Fog is instantaneously a cross-cultural trip, an ethnographic chronicle of the Chukchi humans, and a politically and emotionally charged Arctic experience story.

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He walked alongside the sled, holding on to the baran. The slope was covered in deep snow, his feet kept sinking, and he kept thinking how good it would be to sit down on the sled, or at least place your foot on one of the runners and ride a little, cooling your straining heart with a deep breath. Toko looked at the somnolent white man, tucked in cosily atop the dogsled, and felt a muffled irritation take hold of him. He didn’t fight against the feeling now, didn’t try to convince himself that the sled was 33 occupied by an unfortunate and sick person whose very life was in their hands.

He trades fairly and never tries to burden a tundra-dweller with a useless item. A Winchester is certainly a good thing, and it’s worth driving the white man to a far-off place, all the way to Anadyr’, for such a weapon. John could barely see Toko’s exhausted, overheated face. The thickening gloom filled his field of vision, 34 already shadowed by his overcoat’s thick wolverine fur hood. Armol’, walking in front, was shouting at the dogs and cracking his whip. Old Orvo, though invisible to John, was breathing loudly and heavily, often joining in Armol’s exhortations.

They all held their breath, listening to the wind. The flame in the grease lamp was dying out. The women, done with their household duties, were bedding down for the night, stripping off their clothing and climbing under deerskin covers. Il’motch sucked on the empty pipe, and handed it to Orvo. ” In the middle of the night, John awoke with a vague feeling of anxiety. At first he couldn’t make sense of where he was. Just now he had dreamt of splitting logs 44 in the cellar of his parents’ house in Port Hope, while looking forward to the pleasant hours he’d spend in front of a crackling fire.

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