A Civil Campaign (Vorkosigan Saga, Book 12) - download pdf or read online

By Lois McMaster Bujold

ISBN-10: 0671578855

ISBN-13: 9780671578855

One crafty plan too many? It's spring in Vorbarr Sultana, and a tender person's fancy calmly turns to suggestions of affection ...money ...bio-genetics ...love ...lack of cash ...incompatible planetary sexual mores ...love ...District succession scandals ...the Emperor's marriage ceremony ...and, after all, love ...Lord Miles Vorkosigan, youngest Imperial Auditor to be appointed via the Emperor because the Time of Isolation, has an issue all his new energy can't resolve: unrequited love for the attractive Vor widow Ekaterin Vorsoisson. Ekaterin is violently allergic to marriage due to her first publicity. yet as Miles discovered from his overdue occupation in galactic covert ops, if a frontal attack won't do, visit subterfuge. He has a crafty plan ...Lord Mark Vorkosigan has an issue: his love for the sunny Kareen, daughter of Commodore Koudelka, has simply turn into unrequited back. but when all his new cash can't remedy their drawback, probably a sensible mixing of technology and entrepreneurial scheming may well. He has a crafty plan ...'It's one other winner with every kind of unforeseen adventures ...Georgette Heyer has met her fit for intrigue and elegance! A sprightly carried out romance with twists and turns that can in simple terms ensue in a Vorkosigan-inspired novel...Boy, can she write!' -Anne McCaffrey.

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Mis­ter Brown added. “Most ad­mirable,” Mis­ter Belling agreed en­er­get­ical­ly, “a bat­tle­field com­mis­sion! Up from the ranks! ” Mis­ter Sell­ing's man­ner ex­ud­ed re­lief that his part­ner had found the ex­act word to set­tle the mat­ter. ” No one spoke for a few sec­onds. A coal hissed, rain spat­tered on the of­fice win­dow and a carter's whip cracked in the street, which was filled with the rum­ble, crash and squeal of wag­ons and car­riages. ” Lieu­ten­ant Richard Sharpe asked. “The com­mis­sion can­not be ex­changed for cash,” Mis­ter Belling ex­plained.

Willsen half ex­pect­ed to find a car­riage wait­ing, but it ap­peared Laviss­er was on foot even though a small chill rain was falling. “Hard to be­lieve it's Ju­ly,” Laviss­er grum­bled. “It will be a bad har­vest,” Willsen re­marked. ” “I nev­er wa­ger,” Willsen an­swered, and even if he did he could nev­er have af­ford­ed the high stakes at Al­mack's. “How very wise you are,” Laviss­er said. They were both speak­ing En­glish again. ” “The first sec­re­tary at the Dan­ish em­bassy,” Laviss­er ex­plained.

The Ri­fles were a new kind of reg­iment, priz­ing skill and in­tel­li­gence above blind dis­ci­pline. They worked hard, re­ward­ed progress and en­cour­aged the men to think for them­selves. Of­fi­cers trained with the men, even drilled with them, and the hours that oth­er reg­iments wast­ed in pipeclay­ing and stock­pol­ish­ing, in bootlick­ing and tuft­brush­ing, the green­jack­ets spent in ri­fle prac­tice. Men and of­fi­cers com­pet­ed against each oth­er, all try­ing to make their own com­pa­ny the best.

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