A Boal Companion: Dialogues on Theatre and Cultural Politics by Mady Schutzman, Jan Cohen-Cruz PDF

By Mady Schutzman, Jan Cohen-Cruz

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This conscientiously developed and thorough number of theoretical engagements with Augusto Boal’s paintings is the 1st to appear ’beyond Boal’ and seriously assesses the Theatre of the Opressed (TO) flow in context. A Boal spouse appears to be like on the cultural practices which tell TO and discover them inside of a bigger body of cultural politics and function idea. The individuals placed TO into discussion with complexity theory – Merleau-Ponty, Emmanuel Levinas, race conception, feminist functionality artwork, Deleuze and Guattari, and liberation psychology – to call quite a few, and in doing so, the kinship among Boal’s undertaking and a number of fields of social psychology, ethics, biology, comedy, trauma experiences and political technological know-how is made seen. the guidelines generated all through A Boal spouse will: extend readers' realizing of TO as a posh, interdisciplinary, multivocal physique of philosophical discourses supply a number of lenses wherein to perform and critique TO make particular the connection among TO and different our bodies of labor. This assortment is perfect for TO practitioners and students who are looking to extend their wisdom, however it additionally presents unexpected readers and new scholars to the self-discipline with an outstanding research source.

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As Aronowitz and Giroux admit, despite their effort to resurrect a homegrown educational theory of “possibility” for contemporary radical ends, Dewey “carefully avoids making a social and political analysis of what schools actually are . . [H]e does not come to grips with the concrete obstacles to his objective of linking knowledge and power” (1985: 9). As we shall see, this importation of liberal ideas from the progressive education movement into critical pedagogy conflates political perspectives that are ultimately irreconcilable.

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