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By Pustak Mahal

One of the main attention-grabbing how you can render your baby busy, this ebook by no means fails in preserving kids engaged with a variety of forms of artwork and craft enjoyable.

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T H R 1 ✭ W T 2 S O ST E P S T E P ✭ ✭ E Cut three 45" (114cm) lengths of 1/2" (1cm) wide silver ribbon. Lay out three piles, each consisting of two 45" (114cm) lengths of tulle and one length of ribbon. Bind the piles together at one end with a rubber band, but keep them separated for braiding. Loosely braid the piles together. When finished, bring the bottom of the braid up to the top to form a loop. Remove the rubber band and tie the ends together with a short length of ribbon. T E P Apply hot glue to the back of the flowers and several small leaves.

P E I G H T 28 The king rules the stage with a scepter and the queen rules with a flower. Don’t be fooled by appearances; the puppets’ hands are easily adjustable so props can be changed in an instant. If the queen gets a hold of the wizard’s wand, she might rule with a magic spell! The king and queen are constructed like the wizard, except for the following variations: Leave their heads unpainted. Use red colored pencil to make the queen’s mouth and blush her cheeks. Wrap tan chenille stem arms around the pin before dressing the queen in an orange clay dress and the king in blue robes.

O TIP ✫ T W To make a smaller collar on the cape, in step 1 shorten the distance between the fold and the stitched channel. ✭ S T E P 43 ✭ S T E P Wizard Hat TIP 1 Loosely stuff the hat with newspaper so it stands upright for spraying. Working over a protected surface in case of overspray, spray several separate coats of fabric glitter over the hat. Allow the hat to dry completely before continuing. E P O E T W N The inexpensive base hat can be found in department stores with seasonal Halloween supplies in the fall or at theatrical supply stores year round.

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