250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters Volume 2 (Revised - download pdf or read online

By Kanji Text Research Group University of Tokyo

ISBN-10: 1462909949

ISBN-13: 9781462909940

"This is the simplest kanji booklet to be had this day. Designed for newcomers with a uncomplicated wisdom of eastern to exploit within the school room or for self–study."—Modern Language Journal

Everyday initiatives like discovering a road handle or paying for a educate price ticket could be a tribulation in Japan in the event you don't learn kanji–the approach of eastern writing according to chinese language characters. regrettably, the kanji characters taught in such a lot textbooks usually are not continuously those who you'll come upon in daily events. To fill this hole, a bunch of academics from the celebrated college of Tokyo have pooled their skills to create 250 crucial jap Kanji Characters in volumes: a realistic technique to research the kanji most often utilized in way of life in Japan. each one lesson is helping you grasp a brand new crew of kanji, utilizing a really powerful technique that specializes in you, the learner, taking an lively part.

Introductory Quizzes introduce daily events the place you come across kanji.
Vocabulary sections assist you comprehend the readings and meanings of the kanji.
New personality Charts train you new kanji systematically—for every one personality you'll research its meanings, its simple on–kun readings, its stroke order, universal compounds, and derivations.
Practice sections assist you enhance your talents in spotting and utilizing the kanji.
Advanced Placement examination perform Questions for every lesson stick to the layout of the school forums eastern Language and tradition examination.

You'll additionally come upon actual and functional fabrics that assist you know the way kanji are utilized in real–life occasions. Emails and texts, selecting the simplest dictionary in a library, knowing the elements file, navigating flooring in a Tokyo division store—all are more straightforward in the event you recognize kanji. After learning this ebook including its better half 250 crucial jap Characters, quantity 1 you have got realized 500 of an important characters in jap and millions of phrases within which they seem.

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Luggage, baggage ଴‫ݷ‬ဘ! ɀɅɜȾ! tenimotsu! ݷ‬ ‫ݷ‬ଠ! ɅɟȠȥ! ȱɟȽȥ! ɉȾɅ! ɅȪɥɘ nyūka! shukka! hatsuni! indd 49 7/11/08 9:56:20 AM LESSON 4 55 関 seki, kan せき、カン barrier Gate 門 and barricade combined, 関 means a barrier or barrier station. 56 飛 機 ぜいかん zeikan かんとう Kantō customs Kanto (region) 関税 関西 関所 関取 かんぜい かんさい せきしょ せきとり customs duty Kansai (region) border station (old) ranking sumo wrestler 飛ぶ とぶ 飛行場 ひこうじょう hikōjō airport 飛行士 ひこうし hikōshi aviator 飛び込む とびこむ tobikomu to jump in 飛び出す とびだす tobidasu to run out kanzei Kansai sekisho sekitori to-basu, to-bu, hi と・ばす、と・ぶ、ヒ fly 飛 is a pictograph of a bird flying high up in the sky.

Katsudō activity 11. 主人 しゅ じん shujin husband えい ご eigo English 20 20 20 1 9 12. indd 33 6/24/08 3:20:40 PM LESSON 3 13. 経験 けい けん keiken experience 14. お兄さん お にい さん onii san elder brother (polite) 15. 去年 きょ ねん kyonen last year 16. 同じ おな じ onaji the same 17. 仕事 し ごと shigoto work, job 18. 弟さん おとうと さん otōto san younger brother (polite) 19. 今 いま ima now 20. 勉強 べん きょう benkyō study 21. 州 しゅう shū state 22. 妹さん いもうと さん imōto san younger sister (polite) 23. 高校生 こう こう せい kōkōsei high school student 24.

C. Because the family are happy to have your help. D. Because you can enjoy time with the family. 5. According to the suggestions, why is it good for the family to prepare your own country’s dishes? A. Because the family members show interest in your country. B. Because the family members enjoy your dishes. C. Because the family members do not have to prepare the meal. D. Because you can demonstrate your attitude to the family. indd 30 6/24/08 3:21:57 PM LESSON 3 Host Family ホストファミリー T he lifestyle of Japanese families is very different from family to family.

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